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Amidst the world of travel agencies, has been still standing out and shining brilliantly among the green of surrounding even in the most competitive and ever- changing environments. is a website owned and operated by Discovery Indochina Travel Co., Ltd and it is not an official online portal of either Vietnam Authorities or foreign Embassies/ Consulates. is considered as the second home of people with a great enthusiasm. Our story is about a great team of staff who always try tirelessly at work with a view to improve Vietnam’s tourism industry quality and the best values provided to our customers. has established for a main purpose, to share some useful knowledge of both Vietnam visa immigration services and outbound visa services. For Vietnam visa immigration services, we focus on important services for foreigners such as preparing the dossiers, supplying information about procedures, and some regulation which related to the business Approval Letter (VOA), Vietnam Visa, Work Permit, Temporary Residence Card, Criminal Record, etc., They are some services that foreigners need to apply to work, invest, study or others in Viet Nam. With our non-stop effort, we would like to help them not only saving their time but also having a general view of the Vietnam’s administrative procedures.

Second, besides the Vietnam’s administrative procedures for foreigners, the demand for travel abroad is highly increasing. It leads to outbound visa needs for Vietnamese has been developed too, especially self-travel. is a site in which we share all of the experience about the procedure or process of visa application from other countries such as Europe, America, Asia, Oceania and Africa. It brings them much useful and necessary knowledge as well as helps them get a general view of the procedures and dossier components, after that they can take the visa easily.

Last but not least, we would like to express my honour to the customers who have believed, chose our services and have stood by us during the last time. With our great effort, limitless energy as well as extraordinary, we commit to give the customers excellent services at best prices. We always consider the standard of products and services as our criterion of survival, satisfaction and happiness of customers on each service as our endless aspiration to better for sustainable and long- term development.

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  • The website of foreign Embassies and Consulates.


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